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How to Future-Proof the Enterprise with Gen2 RPA

Open-source intelligent automation gives enterprises the tools they need to succeed in an AI-driven future while delivering significant ROI today.

Future-proofing the enterprise refers to the actions taken by an organization to prepare itself for future changes and challenges in its industry, market, and the broader economy. 

Its goal is to ensure the company’s long-term viability and competitiveness and minimize the potential for disruption and obsolescence. It’s becoming more important for companies to predict future challenges and opportunities and be adequately prepared to maintain their position in the marketplace. 

By future-proofing your organization, you will reduce costs, become more efficient and scalable, and improve productivity. Those are just a few defensive measures, though. You will also build flexibility and resilience in your operations, empowering you to access new markets, drive higher customer loyalty, and capitalize on new opportunities more quickly. 

Why future-proof?

If you want to survive in a hyper-competitive, AI-driven business environment, you must anticipate and respond to future challenges and continuously evolve and adapt your firm. Rapidly evolving technology is transforming many industries and companies that don’t keep up risk being left behind. By future-proofing your operations, you can stay ahead of technological advancements and leverage new technologies to gain a competitive advantage. 

The world is becoming more competitive, with new entrants and disruptors constantly emerging. Companies that don’t future-proof their operations risk losing market share – or even being replaced by more agile and adaptive competitors. You must be better prepared to adapt to market shifts and capitalize on new opportunities. 

Economic volatility can significantly impact enterprises and those that are unprepared risk being caught off guard. Companies should build resilience, so they’re better able to weather economic storms.

Future-proofing is a 3-pronged approach.

It involves a combination of strategic investments, a forward-thinking culture, and a focus on data-driven decision-making. By adopting these strategies and tactics, companies can position themselves for success in the long term and remain competitive in a rapid-evolving competitive environment. 

  • People: Successful companies must foster a culture of innovation. They will encourage employees to think creatively and develop new ideas to stay ahead of the competition. With the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace, companies must invest in their employees’ training and reskilling to ensure they can keep up and have the necessary skills to work alongside AI technologies.
  • Process: The old way of doing things won’t work. Agile methodologies will help your organization respond quickly to changes in the competitive landscape. Companies can adapt their strategies in real-time by breaking down projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. Also, future-proofed enterprises will embrace data-driven decision-making to make more informed choices and adapt appropriately to market-based challenges. 
  • Technology: Becoming an autonomous enterprise is the best way to thrive in the future. Large firms tend to have a blend of mainframes, home-grown legacy platforms, ERP systems, CRMs, and cloud-based SaaS solutions in their ecosystem. For end-to-end automation and future-proofing, these technologies must work seamlessly and reliably together and can easily utilize AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies.

Open-source Gen2 RPA is the way to future-proof your technology.

Gen2 RPA is an open-source intelligent automation solution that lets businesses connect and run operations powerfully and flexibly without affecting core systems. It uses the Python programming language and Robot Framework, giving it unmatched integrations, instant AI adoption, limitless scalability, and a wide range of uses – all with pay-as-you-go pricing and no licenses.

Whereas traditional Gen1 RPA solutions automated business processes for specific use cases and technologies, open-source Gen2 RPA is a lightweight, adaptable, and high-ROI approach to automating your entire enterprise and technology stack. 

  • Gen2 RPA seamlessly integrates with everything in your ecosystem – BPM, iPaaS, IDP, OCR, popular SaaS, and legacy platforms – regardless of age or vendor.
  • It reduces maintenance costs by 60% and helps developers build bots 2-3 times faster than traditional RPA solutions.
  • Developers can use VS Code, RPA Framework, and low-code IDEs. GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT make it easy to build durable robots and lower the learning curve for newer developers.
  • Inherent backward compatibility, no upgrading required, and lifetime code ownership without vendor lock-in.

Because it’s open-source, Gen2 RPA delivers lower costs, greater transparency, and the ability to customize and adapt to specific needs. This helps companies remain flexible and adaptable to changes in the business landscape. Gartner says that open-source software already handles 95% of mission-critical enterprise workloads. It’s becoming more popular as large companies find that it saves them money and has more benefits than proprietary tools. In fact, 80% of IT leaders plan to use enterprise open-source software for new technologies even more.


Future-proofing requires people, processes, and technology to work together. It is important to visualize your automation journey for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Long-term automation success is largely driven by open platforms that are capable of integrating new technologies and features that haven’t been developed yet. The AI world is changing fast, and as new advancements in AI are rolled out, open-source Gen2 RPA can seamlessly facilitate connections between AI and systems that reside in the cloud and on-prem. 

About Robocorp

Robocorp is the industry leader in Gen2 RPA. Many of our customers see 3x – 10x gains in their RPA ROI compared to their experience with other automation solutions. We look forward to showing you the flexibility and dependability of open-source Gen2 RPA to automate your most complex enterprise business processes – at a fraction of the cost of traditional RPA solutions. 

Check out our case studies to see how other companies have transformed their businesses with Gen2 RPA. But, of course, we have other customers, too, and we’d love to share their stories and introduce you to them if you’d like. 

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