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Partners: add open source and cloud options to your customer offerings

We're inviting all technology service providers to partner with us to unlock powerful open source RPA solutions that are not practical or possible with today's offerings

Developers Insights

One of the great things about today’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market landscape is that we have a thriving and robust ecosystem of integrators, consultants, and partners that help customers implement automation solutions that reduce repetitive and redundant tasks. This ecosystem has helped make RPA the fastest-growing enterprise software segment, according to Gartner. Without these entrepreneurially-minded technologists and business analysts, the market would be limited to only a handful of monolithic RPA vendors, restricting the capabilities of software robots and slowing innovation. We have tremendous respect for this community of RPA practitioners.

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Join the OpenRPA movement as a partner

Today, we are officially inviting members of the technology service provider ecosystem to join Robocorp as official partners. As a Robocorp Partner, we’ll help you develop and deliver robust OpenRPA open-source solutions that unlock use cases that aren’t practical or possible with today’s commercial, non-developer-centric packaged solutions. Our CEO was an RPA consultant prior to founding Robocorp and has assembled a team of RPA experts across the product teams and engineering, and we’ve purpose-built our business model to be consultant and partner friendly.

Benefits of partnering with Robocorp

We are committed to ensuring the success of every Robocorp Partner. All partners get the benefits of our tools and products, business model, and enablement materials, as well as direct access to our support and success teams. Our platform supports Robotics-as-a-service operations and allows partners to manage multiple clients from one secure dashboard.

Free developer tools for building software robots in the cloud

Robocorp has released a new set of free developer tools to help users build Software Robots for any digital task. These tools leverage the Robot Framework, a popular open-source automation framework that simplifies automation development by leveraging community-contributed libraries that use human language keywords for easy iterative development.. We give you access to the framework with a customizable IDE we call Robocorp Lab. These tools are available to all our partners, easily utilized by those with simple understanding of Python, and we’ll provide training to get your developers up to speed. Getting started is simple – the installations are done with a push of a button (vs. spending half a day installing all required components).

Accessible, Consumption-based pricing*

We believe that the powerful behemoths in the RPA space have taken advantage of their early success and have created an expensive, cumbersome licensing problem for their customers and partners. By charging per robot, and per orchestration, and per development environment license, they have made it cost-prohibitive to automate a large swath of use cases. We are tearing down these false barriers – giving our developer tools away for free and charging per-minute for robot run times. Why? Because we believe developers and partners should have the flexibility and freedom to build, test, and iterate their way to creating the best solutions possible. And that you should only have to pay when your robots are delivering value.

Easy-to-follow courses and training

As a newer entrant to the RPA category, we have invested a remarkably large amount of time in building content and courses to make our partners successful. We are also working closely with our early partners to learn what they need to unlock the power of our offerings. Fill out our partnership forms here and we’ll contact you to discuss training options to suit your nehere and we’ll contact you to discuss training options to suit your needs.

Build your business on Robocorp

‍Some of our most exciting early partnerships are building entire business practices on top of our platform. Unlike legacy, packaged software, we are a technology platform first. This means you can build your own set of solutions for your customers for repeatable use cases and become a provider for them while you enjoy recurring revenue streams.

Early partner examples

Our platform is ultimately designed to support partners and automation projects of all industries, focuses, shapes, and sizes. What remains consistent is our end goal of providing our partners the flexible, economical, and scalable technology solution that best enables the advancement of their own customer relationships.

We are continuously welcoming a diverse network of partners who may be starting a new journey into the business of RPA, migrating existing bots, or looking to leverage any of the advantages provided by an open-source platform.

Some of our inaugural partners who are building on our platform include:

Thoughtful Automation

United States-based, Thoughtful Automation is an automation partner focused on all aspects of the healthcare revenue cycle, financial and legal services. Their work as partners is in-part focused on the design, development, deployment and maintenance of RPA bots as well as the migration of existing RPA bots off of legacy providers.

NYX Tech

Denmark-based business process consultancy focusing on SAP automation as well as solutions for medium and large customers.


MSP is a Latam- and Spain- based leading company in the information technology sector in mobile platforms, cloud and electronic commerce, with more than 370,000 users in 14 countries. Their automation focus with Robocorp is the ability to bring a vast array of automation opportunities inclusive of small and medium businesses (SMB).


India-based technology company that builds intelligent solutions enabling data-driven businesses to digitally transform themselves through Cloud based Process Automation & other emerging Technologies.

Get started as a partner today

Our current strategy is meant to augment your current vendor relationships. We know you’ve built trust and have solutions in place built on their technology. While we are confident we’ll be the better tool for most use cases in the long term, we suggest adding Robocorp’s platform to your list of offerings in order to expand the use cases you can serve immediately.