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Smarter, Faster, Better: Robocorp Announces New Control Room UX

Elevating user experiences in Gen2 intelligent automation.

Robocorp is excited to announce our new user experience for our Gen2 intelligent automation orchestrator, Control Room. The upgraded interface is designed to provide users with a more natural, consistent, and efficient experience. With the new streamlined flow, troubleshooting, and exception handling can be done in minutes compared to hours, which leads to significant productivity improvement for the operations team.

Our main reasons for updating the Control Room user experience were to ensure our customers get the most out of our platform, simplify their user journeys, and help them future-proof their operations in a rapidly evolving world of AI and machine learning.

We embarked on a robust customer-centric redesign project. We interviewed customers of varying sizes, analyzed user data, prototyped multiple design interactions, and engaged in a continuous feedback loop to ensure we met client needs.

Top New UX Features

“Control Room’s newly-optimized UX delivers efficiency through streamlined workflows, visual aids, and robust data management features, confirming its position as the top open-source automation solution.”

– Sampo Ahokas, Co-founder and VP of Engineering

Here are some of the new Control Room UX features that resulted from collaborating with our customers:

  • Simplified user flows: Streamlined work item exception handling greatly improves teams’ efficiency in operating automations.
  • Process diagrams: A clear visual representation of processes, illustrating work items, inputs, and outputs for straightforward understanding.
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard: Top KPIs and detailed analytics for each process are displayed in a unified view.
  • Advanced search, filter, and sorting capabilities: Simplified features for managing table-based report data.
  • Customizable interface: Light and dark mode options are available for user preference.
  • Enhanced status indication: Unique icons for each item (process, worker, work items, runs, etc.) enable users to differentiate between them more efficiently.
  • Mobile-friendly UX: Our user experience is now optimized for use on mobile devices.

We’re confident these updates will enhance the user experience and increase productivity.

Why Customers Choose Control Room

Robocorp’s Control Room is the automation platform of choice for companies looking to break free from broken bots, expensive licenses, and infrastructure constraints. Key advantages include:

  • Secure orchestration of bots for any process, with no licensing fees and consumption-based pricing.
  • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid orchestration options from a central command center.
  • Parallel processing for rapid completion of tasks and reduced computing costs.
  • Scalability to quickly and dynamically adjust workloads based on demand.
  • Consumption-based pricing with no licensing fees.
  • Robust security features, including separated workspaces, Secure Vault, and compliance with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, and HIPAA.
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboards for governance, compliance, and tracking business value.


By listening to and collaborating with our customers, we can continue to deliver cutting-edge Gen2 intelligent automation solutions that help businesses stay competitive in the age of AI and machine learning. Control Room enables you to automate end-to-end enterprise business processes three times faster and at one-third of the cost of traditional RPA solutions. To learn more about Robocorp’s Gen2 approach to intelligent automation, please contact a pro today.

About Robocorp

Robocorp empowers businesses and teams to work smarter by shattering previous RPA and intelligent automation boundaries. The company makes building software robots and automating manual tasks easy, affordable, and fast with first-class, open-source process automation tools. It also provides a robust, secure orchestration and execution platform, allowing customers to run cloud-based and self-managed robotic automations with consumption-based pricing.

Robocorp is backed by Benchmark, Canvas Ventures, Slow Ventures, FirstMinute Capital, Harpoon Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, Artisanal Ventures, Haystack, and angels. Robocorp is headquartered in San Francisco, with our primary offices being online. 

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