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Home Blog 2023 Control Room Terminology, Assistant, and Process Updates

2023 Control Room Terminology, Assistant, and Process Updates


As we welcome the start of a brand new year, it is with immense gratitude that we extend our warmest wishes to all our Robocorp customers. First, we’d like to thank you for your loyalty over the past year and look forward to seeing all the innovative ways you’ll use Gen2 robotic process automation (Gen2 RPA) to transform your businesses in 2023. 

Robocorp talks to our customers every day and places tremendous value on the feedback we receive. To better align with widely-used RPA terminology, we’ve made some changes to the naming of our Control Room orchestration product. The goal was to make it easier to understand, especially when migrating from Gen1 products – and to avoid overusing the term “Environment.”

Unattended automation naming was simplified as follows:

  • The term “Workforce” was dropped in favor of “Unattended.”
  • The term “Environment” was replaced with “Worker” and applied in all contexts, such as Worker Groups and Cloud Worker.
  • The “Workforce Agent” application was renamed the “Worker” application.

To help manage Assistants – especially in large-scale deployments – we added two new features:

  • Assistant-only users
    – Added “Assistant only” users, who only need to run Assistants without Control Room registration
    – Workspace Admins can mass-create “Assistant Only” users via a CSV import
    – We can enable this feature upon request. Please get in touch with us if interested.
  • Assistant failure notifications
    – Users can now set failure notifications for Assistant runs in the same manner as Process runs.
    – We support E-mail and Slack as notification channels.
    – The feature is available for all tiers.

Process updates include:

  • Cron scheduler now supports scheduling a process on the last day of the month via the L-notation.
  • Step runs now have numbering in a Process run scope.
  • We updated the Step run UI.

Robocorp hopes these updates will make it easier for you and your teams to build and manage robust digital workers that automate your most complex business processes. If you have any technical questions, please see our Troubleshooting and FAQ areas of – or email us at [email protected]. For all other software updates, please visit