Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, you can find all the Frequently asked questions and guides over all Robocorp products.

From RPA to Python Automation

Guides, tooling, and best practices for moving from existing Gen1 RPA bots and other automations to Robocorp Python Automation.

Mac Permissions

If you are using a Mac to create your robots you may need to set permisisons for certain features to work correctly

Linking Robocorp Applications to Control Room

Linking Robocorp Applications to Control Room allows simple and secure communications.

Support for profiles and proxy settings

Tools for working with complex network proxy settings

Locators UI in VSCode not working

Troubleshooting - Locators UI getting an error and not opening

Enabling RCC Shared Holotree on multi-user machines

Guide to enable RCC Shared Holotree -feature on machines that serve multiple users

Encountering a PID lock in environment building

Troubleshooting - Environment build fails, showing 'Path already locked by the same PID'

Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Firewall

How to work in a network where a man-in-the-middle firewall controls all traffic

SSL Legacy Renegotiation failure

Troubleshooting - SSL Legacy Renegotiation is no longer allowed by default in OpenSSL, so automations and tools using old servers will run into errors.

Automation with Citrix and other VDI technologies

Citrix and other VDI technologies produce several problems for running automations.

OpenSSL vulnerability in versions 3.0.0-3.0.6

OpenSSL vulnerability assessment (CVE-2022-3602 & CVE-2022-3786)

Common error messages and solutions

Troubleshooting most common error messages / exit codes

Last edit: January 13, 2022