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Home Blog Announcing: Robot Assistants at your service!

Announcing: Robot Assistants at your service!

Find out why and how to create and use human-in-the-loop automations with the help of Robot Assistants.

Uses of RPA

If your company is anything like ours, your team has dozens of repetitive but critical tasks that pop up. Things like requests to create or delete customer accounts, or ad-hoc data pulls. The common denominator in these tasks is that they are repetitive but show up sporadically, quickly becoming urgent fires that distract from our deeper work. You can’t schedule an employee on-boarding to happen every Friday or through an API. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to trigger that just with a push of a button once you have that hire confirmed? Today, we’re making it easier than ever to create human-in-the-loop automations with the help of Robot Assistants.

Do you have a superuser triggering the assistant many times a day? Or perhaps your use case will require 100 different support people to occasionally migrate a customer plan to a different one. Robot Assistants are a convenient way to distribute automations to anyone in your company.

Each triggering of an Assistant from the Assistant application consumes one assistant run. All plans receive a package of assistant runs every billing cycle. More on pricing here:

See for yourself! Read our Assistant Quick Guide or follow a short in-product-tour in Robocorp Cloud. If you want to see the assistants in action quickly, use one of our example robots. To run the Assistants, you will need to download Robocorp Assistant. Useful feature alert: using the RPA.Dialogs library, you can add a UI to your robot, too.