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Home Blog Introducing Robocorp’s New Setup Utility to Simplify Getting Started

Introducing Robocorp’s New Setup Utility to Simplify Getting Started

Introducing Robocorp’s New Setup Utility – simplifying the setup process for companies with Single Sign-on (SSO) or other complex network restrictions. With an intuitive UI and downloadable format, the new utility offers a variety of features to manage your Robocorp Gen2 RPA environment, including creating and testing profiles for distribution and setting up and managing multiple Windows Desktop Workers. For users that prefer command-line tools, these options are still available. However, if you prefer a user-friendly interface, the Setup Utility makes the process easier.

What’s Gen2 RPA?

Gen2 RPA is an innovative form of automation that combines open-source flexibility with AI and robotic process automation. Its customizable and scalable Python-based code, low-code / no-code developer tool options, and consumption-based pricing make it ideal for enterprise-wide automations without licensing fees or infrastructure caps. Its “Bot Swarm” approach increases productivity and predictability, optimizes resource allocation, and helps organizations future-proof their operations.

Cool Features of the Setup Utility

The Setup Utility lets individuals create and test profiles to share with other users. Additionally, it helps you establish local workers for automation testing and manage multiple Windows Desktop Workers, among other features.

  • Testing Environment: Run diagnostic checks with your current RCC profile and network configuration profile if added.
  • Environment Diagnostics: View diagnostic details and perform actions to test or correct, current environment settings.
  • Profile Management: Add a new company profile, edit the current profile, import a new profile, or switch between available profiles.
  • Worker Management: Set up local workers for testing or desktop service workers for RPA tasks.
  • Miscellaneous: Manage various aspects of the application.

Makes Automations Easier

With the Setup Utility, you can enjoy a more efficient setup process:

  • Quickly create and test a profile configuration for your SSO organization.
  • Navigate complex setups with network proxies and other challenges.
  • Import and switch between profiles.
  • Set up and run a local worker for testing purposes.

To learn more about harnessing the power of Robocorp’s New Setup Utility, download the tool from our website and visit our documentation for guides and support.

About Robocorp

Robocorp provides open-source Gen2 RPA for large enterprises that need to automate highly complex use cases, connect to AI tools easily, and run large mission-critical processes at scale for a fraction of the cost of traditional RPA solution providers.

Gen2 RPA is a breakthrough in intelligent automation that fuses open-source flexibility with AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation. This blend enables teams to develop enterprise-wide automations more efficiently and on a larger scale. With code-native and low-code / no-code developer tool options, plus Python-based code, Gen2 RPA is customizable and extensible for any use case.

Robocorp’s Gen2 RPA offers consumption pricing, ensuring you only pay for actual usage. It enables scalability for unpredictable workloads without licensing fees, infrastructure caps, or surprises. The “Bot Swarm” processing approach assigns multiple bots to work together, accelerating processes and conserving resources. As a result, business leaders can enhance revenue, productivity, and predictability.