Setup Utility

Setup Utility aims to ease the setup of the Robocorp environment for individuals and organizations. It provides ways for SSO profile integrations, complex network setups and Worker management.

Setup Utility

To install Setup Utility, go to the Robocorp's download page, download the installer and run it.

Being a cross-platform application, Robocorp provides binaries/executable files for your dedicated operating system. More about downloading, installing, and updating the app in the Quick Start Guide.

You might also like to check the Release Notes of Setup Utility before installing or updating.

With Setup Utility, you can:

With Setup Utility, you will:

For a detailed description of the application, you can always consult the Reference Guide.

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Quick start guide

Install, update and manage environments

Quickly validate your environment

Quickly validate your environment

Setup for a dedicated company profile

Easily set up a dedicated company profile (SSO configuration)

Additional diagnostic checks

How to run additional diagnostic checks to Setup Utility

Test your environment with a Demo Worker

Test your robot runs from Control Room quickly and easily with a Demo Worker

Manage Windows workers for automation tasks

Easily manage Windows workers set up for Control Room automation tasks

Share pre-built environments with Holotree

Share pre-built environments for multiple users with Holotree

Reference guide

Detailed documentation of Setup Utility