Developer and robot operation tools

VS Code Extensions

Extensions for development

Robocorp Code

With the Robocorp Code, you can create robots, run them locally, and publish them directly to Control Room right from your favorite editor.

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Robocorp Assistant

Robocorp Assistant

Run attended robots

Assistants enable the execution of attended robots. Assistant robots can work together with humans to complete automated tasks.

Robocorp Workforce Agent

Robocorp Workforce Agent

Run unattended robots

Workforce enables the execution of unattended robots. Workforce Agents work in the background to complete automated tasks.


RCC command-line tool

Manage robots from terminal

RCC is at the core of all Robocorp tooling. It is also available for anyone to use under an open-source license, and you can find the source code on Github.

Robocorp Lab

Robocorp Lab

Full IDE experience for robot development

The complete IDE for iterative development and faster feedback cycles - designed for beginners to advanced developers.