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Start building software robots

Control Room is a seamless platform for operating and running software robots. It is always available and doesn't require a complicated infrastructure setup.

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Starting today, all Robocorp products are publicly available for everyone.

You can sign-up and start building software robots right now without requesting a demo or getting on a waiting list. Robocorp’s developer tools – Robocorp extension for VS Code and Robocorp Lab – come with batteries included.

Control Room is a seamless platform for operating and running software robots. It is always available and doesn’t require a complicated infrastructure setup. Pricing on Control Room is based on the actual time your software robots are working, not where and how you run them. And the best part is that there is a free tier available.

Robocorp docs – Learn software robot development

Robocorp docs is a constantly growing repository of learning materials and documentation for software robot developers. These resources are freely available and can be used by developers to learn about software robots and RPA.

With the help of the courses and guides, you can quickly get the gist of the human-readable syntax of Robot Framework and Python. There is also a growing repository of examples to support more advanced use.

Robocorp docs also hosts a curated selection of recommended resources for building software robots. You can browse through the selection of open source libraries and a keyword search to help you easily find what you need.

A developer toolkit for building software robots

Robocorp provides extensions that bring you all the Robocorp features into your favorite editor for Visual Studio Code users. You can create a new robot, run and debug it locally, and upload it to Control Room right from your favorite editor.

Robocorp Lab empowers developers with all skill levels to start building software robots. It provides an easy way to get everything needed in one place. With the simple installer (Windows, macOS, and Linux), you get an environment designed for software robot development. You can focus on building instead of figuring out packages and configurations.

If you want to bring your own editor instead or integrate with CI tools, you can choose to use RCC – a set of tooling that allows you to create, manage, and distribute Python-based self-contained automation packages – or robots as we call them.

Open-source RPA Framework libraries support the automation of typical use-cases with Robot Framework and Python. You can automate processes by combining simple keywords like “open browser” and “click element”. Robocorp’s open ecosystem is also extendable with any external Python library, and you can find a listing of useful Robot Framework libraries at Robocorp docs.

Robocorp’s developer tools, together with RPA Framework, addresses RPA-specific needs, such as handling user credentials, inspecting elements, and maintaining configurations for production and development environments.

Control Room – A platform for putting software robots to work

Control Room allows you to start operating software robots in an instant. It’s always available and doesn’t require a complicated infrastructure setup. Control Room scales from a small proof-of-concept to large enterprise operations. This shows in both the technology architecture and the pricing model.

Being cloud-native brings many benefits ranging from ease of use to security. However, some software robots need to run often inside local networks. That’s why Robocorp Workforce Agent and Robocorp Assistant can operate either in self-hosted environments or in the cloud as fully hosted containers.

Security is Control Room’s guiding design principle. In practice, this is shown on many levels of the product. The Vault allows users to store sensitive information, like user credentials, that are used by software robots. Support for multiple workspaces inside Control Room enables organizations to control user access to different processes and data.

What’s next

Robocorp continues to iterate and improve the products. Expect to see constant new releases. If you want to get in touch with Robocorp and Robocorp community, the best way is to sign-up for a Robocorp account and get on the developer Slack.