Attended Automations

Assistants enable the execution of attended robots. Assistant robots can work together with humans to complete automated tasks.

What is the difference between attended and unattended automation?

What is Robocorp Assistant?

Robocorp Assistant provides a way to execute attended robots (human in the loop) in an isolated environment on a target machine. Install the application, link it to a cloud account, and you are ready to go.

Why Robocorp Assistant?

After you have implemented the logic for an attended automated process, you run into the problem of distributing the robot to the human users and seeing how the robot is behaving.

The end-user machine only needs Robocorp Assistant to be installed and linked to Control Room. You can control in the Cloud which robots are available for the end-user, and the deployment of robots is handled automatically.

When a user runs an assistant using the application, the robot content is retrieved from Cloud, and RCC is used to get a pristine, isolated environment. Execution is logged to Cloud, where the developers and the business can see if there are problems or improvements to be made.

For security-sensitive cases, the Cloud reporting can be configured off, and the robot developer decides which artifacts are sent to Cloud.

In short, this means you do not have to install dozens of environments and applications to the end-user. Just Robocorp Assistant is needed.

Key product features

Get the environment for the execution.

  • For an end-user, a single application and UI for using your assistants with a click of a button.

  • For an end-user and developer, users can interact with the robots using dialogs and prompts to complete their tasks together in a way decided by the robot developer.

  • For a developer, no risks of polluting your system with different library versions.

  • For IT, no need to install the correct Python version to hundreds of end-user machines.


  • For a developer, almost direct deployment of assistants and updates to them.

    • Create a workspace with a couple of test users to achieve 'blue/green' style deployment of your robots.
  • For IT, no need to constantly update several applications and environments on hundreds of end-user machines.

Enable execution on multiple platforms

  • Everyone is not running on Windows. macOS and Linux users can also benefit from Assistants.

Get an isolated execution environment for each run

  • No worries about polluting the end-user machine with assistant runs.

  • Repeatability does not rely on "magic" environment setups.

Below you can find all the guides on Assistant usage.

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What are Robot Assistants and how to use them in Control Room.

Running Assistants

The steps needed to install and set up the Robocorp Assistant as a user.

Robocorp Assistant -application

Download and installation process for Robocorp Assistant -application


Last edit: December 20, 2022