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Development tools

Robocorp Code extension for VS Code

Extension for full-featured Python automation development

With the Robocorp Code, you can create robots, run them locally, and publish them directly to Control Room right from your favorite editor.

RCC command-line tool

Manage robots from terminal

RCC is at the core of all Robocorp tooling. It is also available for anyone to use under an open-source license, and you can find the source code on Github.

AI Tools

Robocorp Action Server

“Give hands to your AI”

Robocorp Action Server makes your Python scripts compatible with ChatGPT and LangChain by automatically creating and exposing an API based on function declaration, type hints and docstrings.

Self-Hosted Process Automation Tooling

Robocorp Setup Utility

Helping initial setup for cases where SSO or more advanced proxy settings are needed.

Setup Utility aims to ease the initial setup for organizations that are using SSO integrations to Robocorp or have complex network setups. Setup Utility helps you in creating and testing the RCC profile your organization needs.

Download Setup Utility

Robocorp Assistant

Run attended robots

Assistants enable the execution of attended robots. Assistant robots can work together with humans to complete automated tasks.

Download Assistant