Extract data from invoice PDF files

Extract information from PDF invoices

MS Excel

Show-case multiple ways of extracting information from different kinds of PDF files (text based or scans), mainly presenting invoice data.

Read more on the challenges of getting information out of PDF files.


Extract Text Data With RPA

Extract textual data with the local help of RPA.PDF library.

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Usually this is sufficient for most of the cases.

Extract Tabular Data With Camelot

Extract tables with the Camelot library. (see external dependency)

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This is useful for getting out nicely formatted tabular data, but comes at the cost of heavier dependencies brought in the built environment.

Extract Structured Data With AI

Extract fields detected in both text or image-based PDFs using 3rd-party external services wrapped by the RPA.DocumentAI library.

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When all the options above fail (or provide inaccurate data), it is time to employ a Machine Learning model specially trained to detect and structure fields of interest from the provided input file, be it text-based or even image.