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Robocorp is set out to give everyone the opportunity to harness the power of software robots. We are here to create the tools that are needed to do so, and to support you on your journey to thrive as a software robot developer. The rest is up to you.

Learn in Robohub

Learning space and community for software robot developers

Learn how to build software robots, browse & download ready-made libraries & find out more from the docs.

Watch ready-made examples of the most common use cases.

Share your ideas in Community Forum and Developer Slack to get answers, feedback and tackle unnecessary bottlenecks.

Build with Robocode

Open-source developer tools for building software robots

Robocode Lab

An interactive open-source editor for software robot development. Free to use and comes with everything that you need to start building automation solutions.


Robocode CLI

Robocode Command Line Interface for those who want to optimize their developer experience even further. Interact with Robocloud, create new projects, and manage activities straight from terminal.

RPA Framework

Ready-made, reusable building blocks for common RPA use cases.

Run with Robocloud

Run, monitor, and schedule software robots anywhere.


Centralized orchestration for software robots that’s available with minimum setup and no maintenance.


Robocloud Worker

Run your software robots by installing the worker and signing in. That’s it. Works locally and in the cloud.


Start your software robot developer journey

Learn in Robohub

Learning space and a community for software robot developers.

Build with Robocode

Open-source developer tools for building software robots.

Run in Robocloud

Operate and run software robots anywhere with minimum setup.

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