Build locally, operate from the cloud, run anywhere

Build, deploy, and scale robust robots, while retaining control and monitoring performance of all your automations.


Create robust automations for any use cases with Robocorp developer tools and resources.


Control robot releases, quality and target environments.


Stay in control of all your automations across teams, customers, ennvironemnts and clients.

Robocorp Control Room

Unified automation management

  • Reduce costs with consumption based pricing
  • Stay in full control of your automations processes
  • Deploy automations rapidly, run anywhere
  • Seamlessly manage large workloads with Work Data Management
  • Scale with technology, not people

Developer tools

Robust tools for automating mission-critical processes

  • Build automations with software best practices to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Own, maintain and reuse the robot code in your own GitHub repositories to avoid vendor lock.

  • Build your team’s competence with skills that are transferrable to data, analytics and automation.

  • Get your team quickly up to speed with extensive examples, learning materials and support of the developer community.


Grow your automation from small to massive without overhead

Empower your developers

Spend less time maintaining robots and more time automating. Reuse robot code across different process or robot assistants.

Dynamically scale resources

Start small - no infrastructure set up required, get started in minutes. Scale run resources up and down as your automation needs grow.

Pay as you go

No large upfront investments. Fully transparent, consumption based pricing. No need to reserve capacity to ensure operations during times of high load.

Automate any use case

Effortlessly scale across teams, use cases, target systems or clients.



Secure from start to finish

We take security seriously, and we are steadfast in our commitment to protecting your data. Robocorp ensures you can build and run your automations in a secure manner, taking into account any data privacy requirements.

Robocorp uses best practices for user logins, encryption, and API access. And because we don’t believe in security through obscurity, we’re happy to share our encryption models.

More about security at Robocorp