Windows Notepad Robot to Test The Desktop Interactions

Contains a Robocorp robot which automates Windows Notepad.


This example demonstrates a basic Notepad app automation, compatible with both Windows 11 and Server 2019.

How it works

  1. Opens the provided test.txt in Notepad using the Windows Run widget.
  2. Initially it configures the font.
  3. Then it sets a text (current timestamp) in the already opened file.
  4. Saves the new content in the file, then closes the app.

Configuring the run with environment variables

  • FILE_TO_OPEN: An absolute filepath to a file, defaults to test.txt found in devdata.
  • NOTEPAD_FONT_NAME: Defaults to "Times New Roman".
  • NOTEPAD_FONT_STYLE: Defaults to "Regular".
  • NOTEPAD_FONT_SIZE: Defaults to "12".

Technical information

Last updated

27 February 2024


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