Windows Notepad Robot to Test The Desktop Interactions

Windows Notepad automation

Contains a Robocorp robot which automates Windows Notepad.

Explanation. "Robocorp Robot" means a directory structure which is runnable with RCC.

Robot steps

  1. Open test.txt from current directory in Notepad.
  2. Change font settings.
  3. Clear existing text.
  4. Write text into the editor.
  5. Save and exit.

    Configuring run with environment variables

  6. FILE_TO_OPEN (an absolute filepath to file, defaults to current directory's test.txt)
  7. NOTEPAD_FONT_NAME (default with Python is Comic Sans MS and with RFW Times New roman)
  8. NOTEPAD_FONT_SIZE (default is 18)
  9. NOTEPAD_FONT_STYLE (default is Regular)

    Running Robot with the Robot Framework syntax

    > rcc run -t "Notepad with Robot Framework"

    Running Robot with the Python syntax

    > rcc run -t "Notepad with Python"
  10. RCC (Github)
  11. RCC overview (Docs)
  12. Desktop automation (Docs)

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