Open Source RPA Solutions

With a Python-based stack and open APIs, Robocorp puts the power of automation in your hands.

Why Automate?

Robots can do what humans can do—but better. They can access web and desktop applications, as well as mainframe terminals. And they don’t make mistakes or take coffee breaks.

Why Robocorp?

Robocorp gives you the tools to build and deploy the robots your team needs, unlike the constraints of drag & drop platforms. And it turns out that our approach is 10x more efficient.

Common Uses of RPA

How you use our RPA platform is up to you, but here are some common examples.

Master Data

Automate data backups and restorations


Employee onboarding & offboarding

& Accounting

Accounts payable, closings, and more

Customer Communication

Email query and call center routing

IT and infrastructure operations

Connect platforms and sync & validate data

Browse specific use cases

Financial Audit Data Validation Automation

Explore the use of financial audit data validation automation to compile data from multiple platforms, reduce employee work time and deliver reports faster.

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Eliminate Employee Burnout - Automate Your Court Filings

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Automated Generation of Documents

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Automated data aggregation from web scraping

Pull data from publicly available websites and publish it to your website through RabbitMQ

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Automated web scraping for email content curation

The web scraping and email solution lets you find, export, aggregate, and distribute the data.

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Prevent Scheduling Errors, Recapture Lost Time – and Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employee scheduling requires a large amount of time, resources, and money – but it doesn’t have to do with an intelligent bot working behind the scenes, ensuring that every rule is followed with 100% accuracy.

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Automated balance sheet reconciliation

Keep your financials up-to-date and accurate. Let your software robot eliminate accounting bottlenecks, expedite review processes, and flag mistakes in a tenth of the time.

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Automated Banking Reconciliation | RPA Use Case

Use RPA for automated banking reconciliation to reduce tedious processes for your team. Learn more about banking and finance automation with Robocorp.

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Automated employee onboarding

Transform the multi-step employee onboarding process into a one-click task using RPA.

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Automated month-end financial reporting

Make generating, compiling, and consolidating reports easier than ever. Let bots eliminate 90% of the busywork, while your team handles the final review and reconciliation.

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PDF to Excel OCR Use Case - OCR Automation

Save time with OCR, invoice and data entry autotmation. With our use case, learn how to extract data from PDFs and populate Excel sheets with OCR technology.

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Case studies

Robocorp’s open source RPA platform that makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and scale bots where and when you need them.

90% decrease in operating costs relating to invoice processing

Robocorp's technology led to a 60% reduction in robot run times with a behavioral health provider that automated its invoice processing with the help of Thoughtful Automation.

Automating employee enrollment reduces errors by 70%

Teknei helped replace the need for humans to interact with three different platforms that were used in employee onboarding—one of many HR functions that can be automated.

Order processing automation doubles orders fulfilled daily

A mobile phone repair startup, robots create shipping labels, update ticketing system, and migrate client data, reducing time spent on manual tasks by 95%. Thanks to Denmark-based NyxTech

Automating across your tech stack

Robocorp gives you the ability to automate within your existing tech environments and platforms using Python.

Browser automation

Automate any browser-based workflow through the UI or programmatically.

Desktop Applications

Automate desktop-based workflows on applications within Windows, Linux, macOS.

API & HTTP automation

Send and receive HTTP requests to third-party APIs to automate tedious tasks involving multiple applications.


Use automation libraries to interact with mainframe systems.


Control the SAP GUI desktop client to automate SAP workflows.


Use image automation to control Citrix-based virtual applications.


Automate Netsuite by accessing the NetSuite SuiteTalk service.

Cloud services

Connect to major cloud-service providers to utilize ML solutions for image and document processing.