November 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
Automation for Field Services & DistributionNovember 3rd, 2021 12:00 PM EDT
Learn how creating a digital workforce can improve your supply chain processes!

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Simple robot


A simple software robot built with Robot Framework and RPA Framework.

Strategies for handling potentially brittle tasks.

A web scraper software robot.

Creating a software robot to solve the form challenge at rpachallenge.com

A robot for processing Excel-driven web store orders using Robot Framework and RPA Framework.

A robot that tries to classify written free-text reviews either as positive or negative. How hard can it be? What could possibly go wrong? 😅

A simple web scraper robot implemented as a Python script using RPA Framework.

Learn to control the browser to log into web applications, click on elements, fill forms, download and upload files, take screenshots...

Learn how to take over control of your already running browser with your rpaframework automation scripts using the `Attach Chrome Browser` keyword.

Changing the browser default download location with the RPA.Browser.Playwright and RPA.Browser.Selenium libraries.

The art of helping your robot to find forms to fill in and buttons to click on in web applications.

Use the Authenticator to handle Google's 2-step verification in your robot code

Click on an element if it appears. Ignore if not!

How to span your robot over multiple browser windows.

Working with forms inside and outside of an iframe.

How to automate dropdown elements in webpages.

Using the `RPA.Dialogs` library to add dialogs to your robots.

Using the `RPA.Dialogs` library to allow users to upload files for your robot to use.

How to modify the behavior of your robots using environment variables locally and in Control Room.

Getting started with Playwright-based browser automation using the Robot Framework Browser library in Robocorp.



Learn how to control logging globally or for individual keywords.

In this course, we will get you started on your way to becoming a Software Robot Developer, and show you how to automate processes using Robocorp tools. On completion, you will receive a certification!