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Teaching our robot to act like Maria.

Lock the door on your way out, thanks!

Automating the sales form copy & paste step.

Taking a screenshot of the sales results.

Adding libraries to teach an old robot new tricks, like opening browsers!

Exporting the sales results into a PDF file.

How would the same robot look like in Python and with Playwright instead of Selenium?

Getting started with Playwright-based browser automation using the Robot Framework Browser library in Robocorp.

Creating a software robot to solve the form challenge at

Learn the ropes of web browser automation to log into applications, fill forms, download files and more. Explore automation for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

A web scraper software robot.

A simple web scraper robot implemented as a Python script using RPA Framework.

Learn how to implement and use custom Python RPA libraries on our open-source RPA platform. Explore our documentation on open-source RPA and RPA Framework.

A quick overview of the basic concepts of Robot Framework, a generic, Python-based, open-source automation framework for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA).