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Exchange is a library for sending, reading, and deleting emails. Exchange is interfacing with Exchange Web Services (EWS).

For more information about server settings, see this Microsoft support article.


Robot Framework

*** Settings ***
Library     RPA.Email.Exchange
Task Setup  Authorize  username=${ACCOUNT}  password=${PASSWORD}

*** Variables ***
${ACCOUNT}              ACCOUNT_NAME
${IMAGES}               myimage.png
${ATTACHMENTS}          C:${/}files${/}mydocument.pdf

*** Tasks ***
Task of sending email
    Send Message  recipients=${RECIPIENT_ADDRESS}
    ...           subject=Exchange Message from RPA Robot
    ...           body=<p>Exchange RPA Robot message body<br><img src='myimage.png'/></p>
    ...           save=${TRUE}
    ...           html=${TRUE}
    ...           images=${IMAGES}
    ...           cc=EMAIL_ADDRESS
    ...           bcc=EMAIL_ADDRESS
    ...           attachments=${ATTACHMENTS}

Task of listing messages
    # Attachments are saved specifically with a keyword Save Attachments
    ${messages}=    List Messages
    FOR    ${msg}    IN    @{messages}
        Log Many    ${msg}
        ${attachments}=    Run Keyword If    "${msg}[subject]"=="about my orders"
        ...    Save Attachments
        ...    ${msg}
        ...    save_dir=${CURDIR}${/}savedir
    # Using save_dir all attachments in listed messages are saved
    ${messages}=    List Messages
    ...    INBOX/Problems/sub1
    ...    criterion=subject:about my orders
    ...    save_dir=${CURDIR}${/}savedir2
    FOR    ${msg}    IN    @{messages}
        Log Many    ${msg}

Task of moving messages
    Move Messages    criterion=subject:about my orders
    ...    source=INBOX/Processed Purchase Invoices/sub2
    ...    target=INBOX/Problems/sub1


from RPA.Email.Exchange import Exchange

ex_account = "ACCOUNT_NAME"
ex_password = "ACCOUNT_PASSWORD"

mail = Exchange()
mail.authorize(username=ex_account, password=ex_password)
    subject="Message from RPA Python",
    body="RPA Python message body",