Word.Application is a library for controlling a Word application.

Note. Library works only Windows platform.

Library will automatically close the Word application at the end of the task execution. This can be changed by importing library with autoexit setting.

*** Settings *** Library RPA.Word.Application autoexit=${FALSE}


Robot Framework

*** Settings *** Library RPA.Word.Application Task Setup Open Application Suite Teardown Quit Application *** Tasks *** Open existing file Open File old.docx Write Text Extra Line Text Write Text Another Extra Line of Text Save Document AS ${CURDIR}${/}new.docx ${texts}= Get all Texts Close Document


from RPA.Word.Application import Application app = Application() app.open_application() app.open_file('old.docx') app.write_text('Extra Line Text') app.save_document_as('new.docx') app.quit_application()


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.