Wrapper library offering generic keywords for initializing, scanning and retrieving results as fields from documents (PDF, PNG etc.).

Added with rpaframework version 19.0.0.

This is a helper facade for the following libraries:

  • RPA.Cloud.Google
  • RPA.DocumentAI.Base64AI
  • RPA.DocumentAI.Nanonets

Where the following steps are required:

  1. Engine initialization: Init Engine
  2. Document scan: Predict
  3. Result retrieval: Get Result

So no matter the engine you're using, the very same keywords can be used, as only the passed parameters will differ (please check the docs on each library for particularities). Once initialized, you can jump between the engines with Switch Engine. Before scanning documents, you must configure the service first, with a model to scan the files with and an API key for authorizing the access.

See Portal example: https://robocorp.com/portal/robot/robocorp/example-document-ai

Example: Robot Framework

*** Settings ***
Library    RPA.DocumentAI

*** Tasks ***
Scan Documents
    Init Engine    base64ai    vault=document_ai:base64ai
    Init Engine    nanonets    vault=document_ai:nanonets

    Switch Engine   base64ai
    Predict    invoice.png
    ${data} =    Get Result
    Log List    ${data}

    Switch Engine   nanonets
    Predict    invoice.png      model=858e4b37-6679-4552-9481-d5497dfc0b4a
    ${data} =    Get Result
    Log List    ${data}

Example: Python

from RPA.DocumentAI import DocumentAI, EngineName

lib_docai = DocumentAI()
    EngineName.GOOGLE, vault="document_ai:serviceaccount", region="eu"
    "invoice.pdf", model="df1d166771005ff4",
    project_id="complete-agency-347912", region="eu"