Close Document


  • save_changes: bool = False

Close the active document (if open).

Open Application


  • visible: bool = False
  • display_alerts: bool = False

Open the Outlook application.

param visible:show window after opening
param display_alerts:
 show alert popups

Quit Application


  • save_changes: bool = False

Quit the application.

Send Message


  • recipients: typing.Any
  • subject: str
  • body: str
  • html_body: bool = False
  • attachments: typing.Any = None

Send message with Outlook

param recipients:
 list of addresses
param subject:email subject
param body:email body
param html_body:
 True if body contains HTML, defaults to False
param attachments:
 list of filepaths to include in the email, defaults to []
return:True if there were no errors

Wait For Message


  • criterion: str = None
  • timeout: float = 5.0
  • interval: float = 1.0

Wait for email matching criterion to arrive into mailbox.

Possible wait criterias are: SUBJECT, SENDER and BODY

  • wait_for_message('SUBJECT:rpa task calling', timeout=300, interval=10)
param criterion:
 message filter to wait for, defaults to ""
param timeout:total time in seconds to wait for email, defaults to 5.0
param interval:time in seconds for new check, defaults to 1.0
return:list of messages or False