Database is a library for handling different database operations.

All database operations are supported. Keywords Query and Get Rows return values by default in RPA.Table format.

Library is compatible with any Database API Specification 2.0 module.

Workaround for inserting large JSON data for Call Stored Procedure

Workaround is to use instead Query keyword. At the moment there is no known fix for the Call Stored Procedure keyword as it fails if JSON string is more than 8000 characters long.

Robot Framework

${data}= Load JSON from file random_data.json ${json}= Convert JSON to String ${data} # Single quotes around ${json} string are necessary Query exec InsertJsonDataToSampleTable '${json}'



Robot Framework

*** Settings *** Library RPA.Database *** Tasks *** Get Orders From Database Connect To Database pymysql tester user password @{orders} Query Select * FROM incoming_orders FOR ${order} IN @{orders} Handle Order ${order} END


from RPA.Database import Database from RPA.Robocorp.Vault import FileSecrets filesecrets = FileSecrets("secrets.json") secrets = filesecrets.get_secret("databasesecrets") db = Database() db.connect_to_database('pymysql', secrets["DATABASE"], secrets["USERNAME"], secrets["PASSWORD"], '' ) orders = db.query("SELECT * FROM incoming_orders") for order in orders: print(order)