Using Python in the Robocorp RPA Solution

NOTE! We just released a new path for Python automations on Robocorp platform. The documentation updates are pending and will follow shortly. The content on this page is outdated. Read more from the release blog post.

Working with Robot Framework based bots for your RPA solution can be powerful! There are times, however, that you find it easier to work with Python or you may just more comfortable with Python. For the things that you want to do in Python Robocorp has you covered! In our Bringing the Power of Python to RPA Webinar we cover how you can build a robot in Robot Framework, Python, or a hybrid approach.

For Python robot examples see these articles:

From developer to developers

To help you develop faster, we maintain and develop a curated selection of open-source libraries, that support the most common automation use cases. Our open ecosystem is also extendable with any external Python library.

We have also created Robot Framework Language Server and Robocorp VS Code extensions to allow robot development with the tools of your choice.

Last edit: September 6, 2022