Linking Robocorp Applications to Control Room

What and why?

Applications like Robocorp Assistant and Robocorp extensions for VSCode can be linked to your user account in Control Room. For the development tools, linking can enable things like pushing robots to the Control Room directly or using the Vault Secrets during your development.

For Robocorp Assistant, the linking is mandatory because that determines the assistants you can see and execute via your user account and which workspaces you have been given access to.

For Robocorp Workforce Agent, the linking is mandatory, but the Agent is linked to a specific workspace instead of a user. Restricting Workforce Agent only to execute bots from a particular workspace ensures that no one accidentally sends development workload to a production environment.

For Robocorp extensions for VSCode, linking is an optional action you can trigger from the application.

While the linking mechanisms are the same for all, we have separate guides for each application:

Last edit: October 4, 2022