Unattended Automations

Unattended automation in short mean automation processes where a human is not needed during the execution. Unattended automations in Robocorp consist of:

  • Processes that contain the configurations of steps in the process and what is done in each step
  • Workers that provide the place where the process steps are executed.
  • Robots that contain the automation logic that is configured for each step in the process.

Unattended automations can work in the background without human intervention and provide a lot of power in scaling, parallel execution, etc.

What is the difference between attended and unattended automation?

Process run states

Process run maps the data handled in single process execution, even when the execution contains multiple work items or is processed with multiple parallel robots. Process run is considered complete when all the failed work items are retried successfully or resolved by the user.


The run is processing pending work items.


The run needs interaction from the user to resolve issues with failed work items.


The user has terminated the run, and all pending work items have been assigned as failed.


Every work item in the process run has been successfully processed by the robot or marked as done by the user.

Work item states

Work items contain data to be processed with the robots and process outputs. Work items can be managed from the work data explorer.


A work item has been added to the process but has not been assigned yet for processing.


A work item is currently assigned for processing as a part of the process run and is waiting for an available worker to process it.


A work item is currently being processed by a robot inside a worker.


Processing a work item has failed, and it is waiting for user action to resolve the issue.


A work item has been handled successfully by either the robot or marked as done by the user.

Step run states

Step runs are robot executions that are executed on available Workers. Step runs contain run artifacts, including robot execution logs.

Waiting for Worker

A step run is waiting for an available worker so it can start processing work items.


There has been an error in processing work items in the step run.


A step run has been ended by timeout.


All work items in the step run have been processed successfully.


A step run has been terminated.

Process listing

The process listing gives an overview of all processes and process runs in the workspace.

Active runs

Lists "Processing" and "Terminating" runs.

Completed runs

Contains "Completed" runs.

Unresolved runs

Lists "Unresolved" runs.


Metrics help process owners to track and measure the benefits of the automation.

Total value generated

Calculates the number of work items processed in a step multiplied by value per work item. Work item value can be set from process configuration.

Run minutes used

Run minutes used by the process.

December 20, 2022