Automation Certification Level III: Work data management - Python


This Robocorp certification course teaches how to:

  • Automate a process where the target systems don't have a graphical user interface. No web browsers this time!
  • Structure your robot using the producer-consumer pattern. Your robot will produce business data from raw input data and then consume that data in small chunks - work items.
  • Split your robot code into multiple logical pieces instead of a single, long wall-of-code. Better readability. Easier maintenance! Although religious wars have been started over coding practices! ๐Ÿ˜…
    (ours is the right and only way)
  • Refactor your code constantly to keep it tidy and maintainable when it evolves.
  • Extract, Transform, Load - (ETL) business data.
  • Validate business data and handle business data exceptions using work items.
  • Communicate with an (HTTP) API and handle the responses.
  • Handle application exceptions using work items.
  • Manage work data in Control Room.

This course holds your hand all the way through. It produces the content; you consume it. Pattern intended. ๐Ÿฅ

Last edit: May 4, 2022