Automation Certification Level II: Build a robot

Welcome to the Robocorp level II Python certification course! This course is designed to enhance your understanding of Robocorp automation and help you gain advanced knowledge in automating processes. You will learn how to create and run robots using Visual Studio Code. You will also learn some best practices to follow.

Before starting this course, it's important to note that the Robocorp Automation Certification Level I - Python is a prerequisite. This means that you should have a solid understanding of the basics of Robocorp automation and should have completed the Python Level 1 certification course.

In this course, you will learn the different steps in the automation process and how to troubleshoot and optimize your robots. You will also work on real-world examples and complete hands-on exercises that will help you apply your knowledge in practical situations. By the end of the course, you will be well-prepared to take the certification exam and earn your Robocorp level II Python certification.

Please try to complete the robot yourself. That is the only way to learn new things and become a better developer. Take pride in your profession and your ability to master new things!

You could upgrade your experience and use your own personal assistant, ReMark 💬✨ to help you out either with quick answers to your questions or code snippets.

Ask for guidance from your teammates on Robocorp Slack (#help-developer-training channel).

Robocorp makes automation accessible to everyone through license-free open source technologies delivered from a cloud platform. Join us and learn to build and orchestrate software robots with Robocorp's developer tools and RPA Framework's open-source libraries.

Expected results in a nutshell

You need to complete:

  • A robot that completes the certification course assignment.
  • A short exam questionnaire.

Prerequisites ☝️

Okay, Now you are all set. Let's get going.

Last edit: February 14, 2023