Locators in Visual Studio Code

With the Robocorp extensions for Visual Studio Code installed you can leverage our Inspector -tooling directly from VS Code. You can create locators for websites, Windows applications, java applications and image-based automations.

Your automation needs to locate user interface elements, such as buttons. The are multiple application types and situations out in the wild so it is helpful to know what you can use for each specific scenario.

Web browsers

Automating a flow in a web browser can be easily achieved with the help of Web locators and the generated Python + Playwright code snippets.

Windows applications

The Inspector can now identify and help you automate the flows of the local windows apllications wit the help of Windows locators.

Java locators

When dealing with Java applications, there is no better way of detecting application elements than using Java Locators.

None of the above work for my scenario

Some applications do not expose their internals in a way that can be targeted using textual locators. So, when the above options are still not a good fit, you can try to define Image-based locators.

Last edit: March 19, 2024