Control Room audit log

Overview of the audit log feature

Addressing compliance needs and providing traceability. The audit log feature can be found under the organization settings or under individual workspace settings. The organization view shows everything happening under the entire organization while the workspace view collects a subset of these events that relate to that particular workspace.

Each audit log event is composed of event type, resource type, resource name and actor. This aims to answer the question: Who did what, when and to what? Some events also show what was changed as a result of an action. This is indicated by an infomation icon in the table row.

Different actor types


Action was initiated by user within the organization or workspace. User email and full name are listed.

Workspace key

Action was initiated by a workspace API key. Workspace key name is listed.

Step run or Assistant run

Action was initiated by a robot.

System service

Action was initiated by Control Room. In some cases this might be a consequence of a user action.

Robocorp Admin

Action was initiated by a member of Robocorp customer success team. For example, customer success contact enabling a non self-service billing tier.

List of supported events

Event TypeNameAdditional Information
ActivityTemplateCreatedTask package created
ActivityTemplateDeletedTask package deleted
ActivityTemplateFileUpdatedTask package file updated
ActivityTemplateUpdatedTask package metadata updated
AssetCreatedWorkspace asset item created
AssetDeletedWorkspace asset item deleted
AssetUpdatedWorkspace asset item updated
AssistantCreatedAssistant created
AssistantDeletedAssistant deleted
AssistantRunLimitHitAssistant run limit hit
AssistantRunStartedAssistant run started
AssistantRunsUsedAssistant run used
AssistantRunWarningAssistant runs warning sent
AssistantUpdatedAssistant updated
AuditProcessRunCompletionRequestedProcess run completion requested
AuditProcessRunDeletedProcess run deleted
AuditProcessRunStartedProcess run started
AuditProcessRunStopRequestedProcess run stop requested
AuditProcessRunViewedProcess run viewed
BillingDataModifiedBilling data updated
EnvironmentGroupCreatedWorker group created
EnvironmentGroupDeletedWorker group deleted
EnvironmentGroupUpdatedWorker group updated
EnvironmentLinkTokenCreatedWorker link token created
IntegrationAddedIntegration added
IntegrationRemovedIntegration removed
IntegrationUpdatedIntegration updated
OnDemandAssistantRunsDisabledOn-Demand assistant runs disabled
OnDemandAssistantRunsEnabledOn-Demand assistant runs enabled or modified
OnDemandMinutesDisabledOn-Demand minutes disabled
OnDemandMinutesEnabledOn-Demand minutes enabled or modified
OrganizationAuditLogExportedOrganization audit log exported
OrganizationAuditLogViewedOrganization audit log viewed
OrganizationCreatedOrganization created
OrganizationInviteSentUser invited to organization
OrganizationMemberRemovedOrganization user removedUser was either removed or they left on their own.
OrganizationUpdatedOrganization updated
OrganizationUserRoleChangedOrganization User Role ChangedTriggered when a user's organization role is changed. Updated details are available, showing the previous user role and what it was updated to.
PaymentMethodDeletedPayment method deleted
PaymentMethodUpdatedPayment method updated
ProcessCreatedProcess created
ProcessDeletedProcess deleted
ProcessUpdatedProcess updated
ProcessScheduleCreatedProcess schedule created
ProcessScheduleUpdatedProcess schedule updated
ProcessScheduleDeletedProcess schedule deleted
RbacSSORuleCreatedSSO group access rule createdRole-Based Access Control with Single Sign-On, rule created
RbacSSORuleDeletedSSO group access rule deletedRole-Based Access Control with Single Sign-On, rule deleted
RbacSSORuleUpdatedSSO group access rule modifiedRole-Based Access Control with Single Sign-On, rule modified
RunMinuteLimitHitRun minute limit hit
RunMinutesUsedRun minutes used
RunMinuteUsageWarningRun minutes warning sent
SubscriptionPlanChangedSubscription plan changedTriggered when organization subscription plan changes. Updated details are available, showing the previous plan and what it was updated to.
SubscriptionRenewedSubscription renewed
UserLoggedInUser logged in
UserLoggedOutUser logged out
VaultSecretAccessedVault Secret accessedTriggered when a robot requests the secret or when user opens the editing view in Control Room.
VaultSecretCreatedVault Secret created or updated
VaultSecretDeletedVault secret deleted
WebhookCreatedWebhook created
WebhookDeletedWebhook deleted
WebhookInvokedWebhook invoked
WebhookUpdatedWebhook updated
WebhookViewedWebhook secret viewedTriggered when user views the webhook - secret by pressing the eye icon.
WorkerCreatedWorker created
WorkerDeletedWorker deleted
WorkerUpdatedWorker updated
WorkspaceAuditLogExportedWorkspace audit log exported
WorkspaceAuditLogViewedWorkspace audit log viewed
WorkspaceCreatedWorkspace created
WorkspaceDataDeletedWorkspace data deleted
WorkspaceDeletedWorkspace deleted
WorkspaceInvitationCreatedUser invited to workspace
WorkspaceKeyCreatedAPI Key created
WorkspaceKeyDeletedAPI Key deleted
WorkspaceKeyUpdatedAPI Key updated
WorkspaceKeyViewedAPI Key secret viewedTriggered when user views the workspace API key - secret by pressing the eye icon.
WorkspaceUpdatedWorkspace updated
WorkspaceUserRemovedWorkspace user removed
WorkspaceUserRoleChangedWorkspace User Role ChangedTriggered when a user's workspace role is changed. Updated details are available, showing the previous user role and what it was updated to.
Last edit: October 2, 2023