Get the latest data for each country

The traffic data is now filtered following the business rules. It still contains the data for all the available years per country. You are only interested in the latest traffic data.

You know a simple way to get what you want. First, you group the data using the three-letter country code. Since the data is already sorted descending by year, you can get the first row of each group to get the latest available traffic data for each country. Nifty!

from robocorp.tasks import task from RPA.HTTP import HTTP from RPA.JSON import JSON from RPA.Tables import Tables http = HTTP() json = JSON() table = Tables() TRAFFIC_JSON_FILE_PATH = "output/traffic.json" @task def produce_traffic_data(): """ Inhuman Insurance, Inc. Artificial Intelligence System automation. Produces traffic data work items. """ url="", target_file=TRAFFIC_JSON_FILE_PATH, overwrite=True, ) traffic_data = load_traffic_data_as_table() filtered_data = filter_and_sort_traffic_data(traffic_data) filtered_data = get_latest_data_by_country(filtered_data) @task def consume_traffic_data(): """ Inhuman Insurance, Inc. Artificial Intelligence System robot. Consumes traffic data work items. """ print("consume") def load_traffic_data_as_table(): json_data = json.load_json_from_file(TRAFFIC_JSON_FILE_PATH) return table.create_table(json_data["value"]) def filter_and_sort_traffic_data(data): rate_key = "NumericValue" max_rate = 5.0 gender_key = "Dim1" both_genders = "BTSX" year_key = "TimeDim" table.filter_table_by_column(data, rate_key, "<", max_rate) table.filter_table_by_column(data, gender_key, "==", both_genders) table.sort_table_by_column(data, year_key, False) return data def get_latest_data_by_country(data): country_key = "SpatialDim" data = table.group_table_by_column(data, country_key) latest_data_by_country = [] for group in data: first_row = table.pop_table_row(group) latest_data_by_country.append(first_row) return latest_data_by_country
  • The get_latest_data_by_country() function communicates the intent of the code by using clear naming.
  • The group_table_by_column() function handles the grouping by country.
  • The pop_table_row() function gets the first row of a table.
  • This RPA.Tables library feels quite helpful indeed!

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