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The traffic data entry is now completed. You can now manage the traffic data in small individual chunks thanks to the producer-consumer pattern and work items.

Control Room keeps track of the work item states so that you don't have to implement custom solutions. You can view, edit, and retry work items without writing your own orchestrator (unless you really want to).

All this is quite handy and frees your precious time for implementing automations instead of worrying about and maintaining your automation infrastructure.

As a nice bonus, you can now pay your rent, get your car and dog fixed, and maybe even buy some food with the leftover money!

What's next on the roadmap?

The robot implementation is done, but there are still possible improvements that you could make to your setup.

You should use version control to manage your robot code and make it even smoother to keep the robot in sync with Control Room using the GitHub repository linking support.

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