Bonus Steps - Run your process as an Assistant

Configure and run the robot as an assistant that asks for user input

You have made it this far already - amazing! Good job!

You can run any automation as an unattended or attended process. Modify your robot so that it will ask for some input from the user. Here is an sample robot with steps to ask user input. In this example we can receive the Robot Order URL from the user before we start the ordering process.

channels: - conda-forge dependencies: - python=3.9.16 # - pip=22.1.2 # - pip: - rpaframework==24.0.0 # - robocorp==0.8.1 # - robocorp-browser==2.0.1 # - rpaframework-assistant==2.3.0

Note that you need to update your conda.yaml to include RPA.Assistant library

from RPA.Assistant import Assistant def user_input_task(): assistant = Assistant() assistant.add_heading("Input from user") assistant.add_text_input("text_input", placeholder="Please enter URL") assistant.add_submit_buttons("Submit", default="Submit") result = assistant.run_dialog() url = result.text_input open_robot_order_website(url) def open_robot_order_website(url): browser.goto(url)

Now you can run this robot as an assistant that asks the user for input.

Run the robot as an assistant

Using Robot Assistants in Control Room.