Final steps - Configure and Run Robot

Ok! You have built the robot on our computer. You have tested it sucessfully as well. Now, it's time to send it to the cloud by uploading the robot code.

Connect to Control Room

Link to Control Room from Visual Studio Code.

Upload the robot to Control Room

  • Open the Command Palette (macOS: Shift-Command-P, Windows: Ctrl+Shift+P).
  • Type upload robot, select Robocorp: Upload Robot to the Control Room, and press Enter.
  • Select Create new Robot.
  • Type a name for your robot and press Enter.
  • You should eventually see a success message at the bottom of the VS Code screen.

Configure and run the robot from Control Room

Refresh your memory from Level 1 Python Certification Course.

Publish your robot in a public GitHub repository

Create a public GitHub repository for your robot and push it there. During the final quiz for this course we will ask you to share your repository to evaluate your code.

Verify that it is possible to run your robot without manual setup

Make sure your robot works out-of-the-box just by getting it from the GitHub repository. We have robots in the background that verifies your code automatically.