Rules for the robot

Before you start with automation, complete the order process manually to see how it works. It is easier to automate a process you are familiar with:

Here is a short intro of the process you are going to automate ๐ŸŽฅ video.

Ready to build the robot? Know the rules ๐Ÿ“š

My dear, without rules there's only chaos. - Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Senate Murders (2010)

  • The robot should use the orders file (.csv ) and complete all the orders in the file.


  • Only the robot is allowed to get the orders file. You may not save the file manually on your computer.
  • The robot should save each order HTML receipt as a PDF file.
  • The robot should save a screenshot of each of the ordered robots.
  • The robot should embed the screenshot of the robot to the PDF receipt.

Receipt PDF

  • The robot should create a ZIP archive of the PDF receipts (one zip archive that contains all the PDF files). Store the archive in the output directory.
  • The robot should complete all the orders even when there are technical failures with the robot order website.
  • The robot should be available in public GitHub repository.
  • It should be possible to get the robot from the public GitHub repository and run it without manual setup.