Application for testing

Robocorp Workforce Agent UI application of local testing

The simple UI application enables you to run Workforce Agent linked to Control Room on Windows, Linux and macOS. Please note that running robots via the application is for testing purposes. Once you log out or shut down the machine the application also shutdown and the worker in Control Room of course goes offline.

For actual production runs please follow the guidance to Find the correct setup for you

Install Robocorp Workforce Agent

Download the latest version of Robocorp Workforce Agent

  1. While logged into Control Room, click on the Workers menu item in the top bar.
  2. Select the correct installation package for your operating system and download it.
  1. Find the .exe version of the installer you downloaded on your machine and execute it.
  2. Read and accept the Robocorp End User License Agreement.
  3. Choose whether you want to install for your user only or for all users on the machine, in which case you will be asked for admin credentials.
  4. Choose the installation location.
  5. Wait for the installer to complete.
  6. Finish the installation. With the Run Robocorp Workforce Agent ticked, the application will start directly.

Now you are ready to link and start your Robocorp Workforce Agent.

Before Robocorp Workforce Agent can start executing your Unattended Processes, you need to link it to Control Room.

You can do it in two ways, either using your Control Room credentials or by providing it with an access token. This procedure is the same for all platform versions.

Linking Robocorp Workforce Agent using your Control Room Credentials

  1. Click on the Login to Robocorp Control Room button on the main screen in Robocorp Workforce Agent: Robocorp Workforce Agent - Linking with credentials
  2. You will see the familiar Control Room login screen. Log into Control Room with your credentials. Robocorp Workforce Agent - Linking with credentials - Login
  3. Choose the workspace you want to associate Robocorp Workforce Agent with: Robocorp Workforce Agent - Linking with credentials - Choose workspace
  4. Give a name to your Robocorp Workforce Agent and confirm by clicking the Link Robocorp Workforce Agent button: Robocorp Workforce Agent -  Linking with credentials - Give a name to Robocorp Workforce Agent
  5. Your Robocorp Workforce Agent is now linked.

Linking Robocorp Workforce Agent using an access token

  1. In Control Room, switch to the workspace you want to link Robocorp Workforce Agent to.
  2. While logged into Control Room, click on the Workers menu item in the top bar.
  3. Click on the Generate link token button: Click generate link token button
  4. A token will be generated and displayed for you. Copy it to the clipboard: View and copy token
  5. In Robocorp Workforce Agent, click on the Link Token tab, paste your token in the Link Token field, and assign a name to the Robocorp Workforce Agent: Provide token to Robocorp Workforce Agent
  6. Your Robocorp Workforce Agent is now linked.

Successfully linked Robocorp Workforce Agents displayed in Control Room

Once Robocorp Workforce Agent is linked, it will be displayed in the Workers page of the relevant workspace:

Robocorp Workforce Agent in the Control Room UI

Your Robocorp Workforce Agent is now ready to be assigned to your robots.

Starting and stopping Robocorp Workforce Agent

Once you have linked Robocorp Workforce Agent to Control Room, you can start it and stop using the UI. You can check the console output log on the main screen. Robocorp Workforce Agent start and stop

To unlink a linked Robocorp Workforce Agent:

  1. Click on the dropdown on the top right, and select Unlink Worker: Unlink Robocorp Workforce Agent
  2. Confirm in the next screen: Confirm Robocorp Workforce Agent unlinking
  3. Robocorp Workforce Agent is now unlinked.

Once you have unlinked Robocorp Workforce Agent, you can link it again, but it will be considered a new Unattended Worker in Control Room, and you will need to clear the old Worker from Control Room manually.

Uninstall Robocorp Workforce Agent

  1. Go to Apps & features under system settings.
  2. Select the Robocorp Workforce Agent application from the list and press Uninstall.
    • On Windows, some files can get locked, so you can verify the uninstall by checking that folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Programs\Robocorp Workforce Agent does not exist.

After installation, you can choose to delete the data that the Workforce Agent has generated.
If you intend to reinstall the Workforce Agent, you should skip this step.
Jump to "Clearing the data folder" below

Clearing the data folder

Before deleting anything, please note:
If you have linked your Workforce Agent to Control Room, you should remove the corresponding Worker from your Control Room workspace. Link data is unique to your installation and cannot be recreated, so the corresponding Worker in Control Room becomes obsolete.

Robocorp Workforce Agent stores data files under a common folder according to OS conventions. The folder holds the cache for running environments, logs, and the data that links your Workforce Agent to Control Room.

  • On Windows, find this in: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\robocorp\
    • Copy & paste to File Explorer address bar.
  • On macOS and Linux in: ~/.robocorp/
    • On macOS: Go -> Go to Folder -> write ~/.robocorp/.
    • On Linux... just go there ;)

One more choice before clearing:

  • If you are NOT using any other Robocorp tools (Robocorp Assistant or Robocorp Code):
    ...and just want to clean everything --> You can delete the whole folder.

  • If you ARE using other Robocorp tools and want to keep using it:
    --> You should only delete the /workforce-agent folder.

Last edit: November 22, 2022