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Firewall and network proxy requirements

All communications for Robocorp applications are outbound: there is no need to open any incoming firewall rules.

Robocorp Assistant and Robocorp Workforce Agent

All communications are standard HTTPS (TLS 1.2) so, in most cases, no special firewall setup is needed.

The following list is relevant if your outbound connections are controlled by a firewall.

Robocorp applications that handle the execution of robots use the following endpoints for communication with Robocorp Cloud in the EU region:

Service  Host name  Port & technology  Robocorp Workforce Agent  Robocorp Assistant  Description 
Robocorp Cloud API api.eu1.robocorp.com 443 / HTTPS
AWS API Gateway 
 X  X Several services such as Vault and Assistants 
Robot Workforce
Control REST API  
roboworker-control-api-v2.eu1.robocloud.eu 443 / HTTPS
AWS API Gateway 
 X    Workforce control operations 
Robot Workforce
Control Websocket 
roboworker-control-ws-v2.eu1.robocloud.eu 443 / HTTPS
AWS API Gateway 
 X    Workforce control channel (Websocket) 
Task Data API task-data-api.eu1.robocloud.eu443 / HTTPS
AWS API Gateway 
 X  X Data processed by robots such as Work Items and Run Artifacts 
Telemetry API telemetry.robocorp.com 443 / HTTPS
AWS API Gateway 
 X  X Technical metrics, error reports, usage information 
Robocorp Downloadsdownloads.robocorp.com 443 / HTTPS  X  X Tool dependencies
Feedback API feedback.robocorp.com 443 / HTTPS
AWS API Gateway 
 O  O Contact Robocorp dialog 
Amazon S3   443 / HTTPS  X  X Amazon S3 is accessed with pre-signed requests.
AWS IP ranges 

X = Required, O = Optional Last updated 2021-10-08

Robocorp Lab, Robocorp VS Code extension and RCC

Development and execution tools need to contact the following domains to load packages, self-update, etc. Make sure they are accessible for outbound traffic:

Service  Host name  Port & technology  Description 
Robocorp Services and Tools*.robocorp.com 443 / HTTPSTool downloads, auto-updates, technical metrics, error reports, usage information 
Control Room API api.eu1.robocorp.com 443 / HTTPS Robocorp Cloud services like Vault 
Amazon S3*.amazonaws.com443 / HTTPS Package downloads
For more strict limitations see AWS IP address ranges 
conda-forge packages*.anaconda.org443 / HTTPS Download packages for execution environments 
443 / HTTPS Download packages for execution environments 
npm*.npmjs.org443 / HTTPS Download packages for execution environments 

Last updated 2021-05-12
Note that package managers like pip, conda-forge and npm as well as the implementations of RPA processes can re-direct file downloads or may need access to other network sites, so a fully comprehensive list is impossible to state here.

January 21, 2021