Clear / cleanup local environment caches


Depending on the number of different run environments (conda.yaml files) you are using and how long you have been running robots, the environment cache can get quite big. Also, as our tools and conda are updated, files can get corrupted, and security vulnerabilities like the one with OpenSSL may raise to need to clear out the old stuff.


RCC is a single standalone executable that you can download and use the following commands to clear the cache:

  • Shut down all Robocorp applications: Assistant, Workforce Agent, and VS Code instances.
  • Run rcc configuration cleanup --all to clear all environment caches.

This will purge all local caches, giving you a clean start.
The following executions on the machine will rebuild the environments once, and the cache gets rebuilt as you go.

There are other cleanup options in RCC that you can list with rcc config cleanup --help, which enable you to get more fine-tuned control, but for most cases, the simplest is the one above.

Last edit: November 9, 2022