Share pre-built environments with Holotree

Setup Utility, with the help of RCC, offers you the possibility of setting up a pre-built environments workspace. This is done through the Holotree technology, that shares a specific workspace with all users on the device and offers.

What is Holotree (Shared Holotree)? Shared holotree is way to multiple users use same environment blueprint in same machine, or even in different machines with same, once it is built or imported into hololib. You can find out more from here.

Enabling at Global level

First, you will need to enable the Shared Holotree (Shared Pre-built Environments) at a Global level.

Navigate to: System Status > Pre-Built Environments & Multiple Users and click on the Enable button.

⚠️ This is only available with the Administrator's permissions.

System Status Holotree

Connecting or Revoking the Shared Environment

A Worker is the one that will connect or revoke connection to the Shared Environment.

To access this Worker's ability, you'll need to navigate to: Windows Workers > [Select Worker] > Go To Details > Worker Details Menu. In the menu you'll recognize options to Connect or Revoke depending on the connection state:

Connect to Shared EnvironmentRevoke Shared Environment

⚠️ Once the worker configuration is changed, you might need to restart the Worker for it to establish connection.

Because this is a dedicated ability of the Worker itself and is part of the Worker Details Menu, it is under a protected layer of security as to reach this configuration you'll need to know the Worker account details.

🚀 You are good to go!

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