Quick start guide

Setup Utility is a cross-platform desktop application dedicated to individuals and organizations.

Downloading and install the application

You can download Setup Utility from Robocorp's download page. Being a cross-platform application, Robocorp provides standard Windows, MacOS, and Linux installers.

You might also like to check the Release Notes of Setup Utility before installing or updating.

Using the application

At startup, Setup Utility will immediately test your environment based on the selected configuration/profile. As Setup Utility comes with a default RCC profile profile, you don't need to provide one.

Main Page

After the diagnostic checks are done, you can find more details about them by navigating to the Environment Diagnostics or the Diagnostic Details dialog.

You can always manage the available RCC profiles with the help of Profile Management.

Profile Manager

The Worker Management page will provide ways to set up a Local Worker for testing purposes and dedicated Desktop Service Workers for different RPA tasks.

While the Local Worker should be used only for testing purposes, it provides an end-to-end validation to your environment. Desktop Service Workers are more dedicated, production-oriented applications.

Worker Manager

For more information, please check the Reference Guide or explore some of the documented use cases.

Updating the application

Setup Utility has an auto-update mechanism that checks to see if you are running the latest version of the application. If a new version is detected, a pop-up will ask you if you want to do the update.

You can always manually check for any update available for the application by accessing the Help menu button found on all application pages. If you Check for Updates, you will get a pop-up indicating if an update is available or if you are using the latest version.

Latest Version

We advise you always to use the latest version of the application. With the latest version, you will get the full benefits of a reliable working app with updated features.

🚀 You are good to go!

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