Setup for a dedicated company profile

Setup Utility aims to ease the setup of the Robocorp environment for individuals and organizations. It provides significant help when it comes to SSO integrations or complex network setups.

As Setup Utility comes packed with the default RCC profile (which contains all the necessary items configured for common situations), you don't need to create an initial one.

New company profile

To switch to a dedicated organizational RCC profile, navigate to the Profile Management page.

Profile Management

From there, open the New Company Profile dialog.

New Profile Company Dialog

As instructed, you should type in the Company ID provided by your organization and click Start. Setup Utility will now download and import the profile automatically and keep you informed while in the process.

Diagnostic checks are run automatically based on the newly appointed profile to show you if the setup works as-is or if you need to do edit the profile with additional details.

Reminder that you can always manually import the profile file from the local disk.

Profile imported

If everything is showing green, you are good to go.

Setup Utility applies to the new profile on the machine you run it on, and all Robocorp tools also automatically obey the profile.

๐Ÿš€ You are good to go!

In case of an error

If you entered an incorrect Company ID or Setup Utility and could not download the organizational profile or import it, Setup Utility will open the constructed URL in the default browser. It will also display an informative message about the current situation.

Incorrect Company Profile Dialog

If the automated download and import fail, you should acquire the RCC Profile YAML file through other means, store it on the local disk, and Import Profile with Setup Utility.

Edit, switch, and more

You can always use Setup Utility to edit, switch, export, and import profiles.

For more advanced profile setups that can contain proxy settings, CA Certificates, etc., please checkout the Reference Guide

Export/import functionality for profiles is a powerful tool in more advanced cases. By exporting the profile, you only need to relay the profile file to another user, and they can import it to avoid the setup and testing phases.

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